2mb and 4mb mapper diy

2mb and 4mb memory mapper for msx2 and msx2+ computers with real z80 chip (c)2018 Andrey Koryakin

Internal mapper, the Z80 IC will be placed on the memory mapper pcb and the pcb in the Z80 IC socket.

Memory registers and back annotation are supported.
(c)2018 Andrey Koryakin

Comes with complete description, design files, EAGLE-8.2 project, Gerber files
PCB dimension 71.0 x 54.3

See here for the project description.

20 years MSX Info pages

History of 20 years MSX Info Pages

Read here: June 2018: 20 years of MSX Info pages!

In 1998 I started to experiment with publishing websites, mainly to show the results of my research in the MSX Video computer hardware and software. At that time the only source of information were the hard to get Service Manuals, MSX Technical documents and books like the Red Book.

In the years that followed I acquired many documents and spent thousands of hours scanning and publishing, also with great help from many fine contributors, the result of that work is shown on this website: a free and maintained information source on the technical part of MSX.

The website has undergone many changes, and had many url’s as you can read below.
It is now stable for many years at, on a solid CMS: WordPress.
The site is here to stay, no plans to retire, I keep on administrating and continue paying for the hosting, even if I do not have any physical MSX hardware, software or document!

A small request (which is largely ignored and abused by the wiki authors of!): link to pages and not to files! I guarantee pages to keep the same url, files will move around my hosting sites and links to files and images will go dead.